Our Family

We are a family whose soul mission is to bring planetary healing.  In 2017 we opened Pure Vitality, a wellness center in the heart of Michigan. At Pure Vitality we bring emotional, physical, and spiritual healing to our local community through nutrition–offering a full-service juice bar with the purest food we can source– and through spa services such as float pods, infrared saunas, massages, cold plunges, and cryotherapy.  After 7 years of service, we saw a substantial difference in not only our well-being but also the vibrancy of our community.  We started Sorce to spread this vitality beyond our doors. Nature has given us every plant we need to remedy our ailments. We combined the powerful healing properties of plants with the healing frequencies of sound and put them in a bottle so that can bring them anywhere!

Resonate higher with Sorce essential oils.