Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants that capture the innate properties of the plant such as its scent and natural healing benefits. Depending on the oil, different parts of the plant are used such as the leaves, flowers, stems, rinds, fruits, and resin. For example, in rose oil the petals of the flowers are distilled.  

The healing effects of essential oils have been utilized for thousands of years. New uses and benefits are still being discovered to this very day. Essential oils are the living essence of the plant in their purest form. 

You may have noticed that if you smell a lavender flower and then smell lavender essential oil the essence is the same yet the oil smells much stronger than the flower. This is due to the fact that the essential oil is much more concentrated than the raw materials, taking up to one pound of fresh lavender to make just five milliliters of oil.

How do Essential Oils Work?

There are two main ways the beneficial compounds interact with your body. When used topically they absorb through the skin and when used aromatically through the olfactory nerves. Be sure to read the label of the oil you are using to find the best method for using each oil.


Smelling essential oils can stimulate the body on several different levels. It can happen in subtle ways that may be difficult to perceive, while others may cause a more profound reaction. Certain scents act on the limbic system–your brain's memory and emotional center–to help elevate your mood, calm you down, or give you more energy. Diffusing an oil can create a desired ambiance in your home. Creating an environment of well-being is easily achievable with Sorce essential oils.

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Essential oils work very well when applied to the skin as they’re readily absorbed into the body. When an essential oil is applied topically and absorbed into the skin, you will experience the benefits of the unique botanical properties that each essential oil has to offer. Many are known for their cleansing and purifying properties and promote healthy skin.

When using essential oils topically proceed with caution, these oils are very potent and every unique skin type can react differently. Be sure to read the label before applying. Learn more about safety.

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Blending Ancient History and Modern Use 

Throughout history ancient civilizations have prized essential oils for their variety of aromatic and cosmetic uses. They have even played a key role in many cultures' spiritual and religious rituals. In modern times they are prized for many of the same reasons. The essential oil movement may seem like a newer trend, but in reality, it has been around for a very long time. 

The Evers Papyrus is known as the first recorded assortment of ancient healing practices that dates back to 1500 BC and includes many essential oils. India has incorporated oils for about 3000 years in their Vedic healing practices and has over 700 different oils listed such as ginger, cinnamon, rose, jasmine, and many others. In roughly 2600 BC the famous Yellow Emperor, Huang Ti, wrote a book called the Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine, which includes the use of various oils. Using plants as medicine is deeply interwoven into native american culture as well. For example, natives will use cedar as part of many rituals. 

The rich tradition and ancient wisdom surrounding the use of plant energies is seeing a revival with the uptick in the use of essential oils. The many healing benefits they bring into people's lives truly stand the test of time.

Why Choose Essential Oils? 

A better world starts with you. The products we use have a direct impact on our health in numerous ways. A state of good health creates an internal environment cohesive with creating a positive impact on the world.

Essential oils are commonly chosen as a way to incorporate natural plant benefits into everyday life. Whether they’re being used to relax, energize, clean, or for personal care these oils provide a pure lifestyle and safe alternative to many common standard industry products. This sets a good foundation for a healthy life. 

Outside of affecting our households, the products we use impact the health of our Earth. Sorce essential oils are farmed in ways that care for our planet and its soil. Every individual choice carries a vibration that helps build a planet suitable for generations to come.

Choosing the Right Company

Essential oils are extremely concentrated– choosing a company you can trust is vital. With many companies in the industry, this can be a challenging decision. Here is a good checklist to keep in mind when selecting a company to trust with your health.

Watch out for Jargon

Many cunning terms are used in today’s essential oil market. Many of these terms have no real definition and have simply been made up by essential oil companies. Terms like “therapeutic” or “pure” are great examples of this. The bottom line is if a company can’t provide you with a lab analysis showing that your batch of oils is 100% pure don’t trust that company no matter how reputable you think they may be. A company can call an oil “pure” without having any tests to prove it. 

Read the Label

A reputable essential oil company has nothing to hide. They are upfront and transparent about the quality of their oils. The ingredient label will only have the plant’s common name as well as the Latin name. No additional oils or fillers will be listed. There will also be additional reading available on a company's web page about each oil. To be 100% certain, ask the company directly for lab test results proving the oil's purity.

What is the Company Doing to Optimize the Quality of the Oil? 

Sorce is the industry's first company to infuse frequencies to lift the vibration of the oil. Singing bowls, tuning forks, and hand pans are used in cohesion to charge each bottle of essential oils to ensure top quality. The three primary frequencies infused are 396hz, 432hz and 528hz.

The FDA only evaluates foods and drugs, not essential oils. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.