Sound Infusion

Sorce essential oils are intentionally infused with Solfeggio Frequencies using tuning forks and singing bowls. Solfeggio Frequencies are specific tones of sound that help promote various aspects of mental and physical well-being.  Sound is the first sense we develop in the womb and the last sense to leave us before we die. Cymatics has shown that every cell in our body is influenced by sound. A famous study by Masaru Emoto showed how water can store sound energy.  Essential oils can too. We infuse every essential oil with various frequencies including 396Hz, 432Hz, and 528Hz.

  • 396 Hz

    This frequency is often referred to as the stress relief frequency.  It helps us release negative feelings that we may carry like fear, doubt, and guilt so that we can shift into a higher vibration of being.

  • 432 Hz

    This frequency is referred to as the Earth’s heartbeat frequency. It allows us to align with nature to balance mind, body, and spirit. In a result, peace and wellness fill our being.

  • 528 Hz

    This frequency is referred to as the love and miracle frequency. It activates and strengthens our natural self healing powers. Studies indicate 528 Hz increases light absorption in DNA and helps repair damage.

Resonate Higher

Your frequency is the greatest gift you can give to the conscious collective. We are all connected to each other and the earth.  When you raise your vibration you are raising the vibration of the entire planet.  Planetary healing begins with you.

What is Frequency?

Everything in the Universe is a vibration. Our bodies, thoughts, and emotions are all made of energy.  Daily activity, emotions, diet, exercise, sleep, and our environment all affect our body’s frequency.  When we are in balance the normal range of our body’s electrical frequency is 62MHz to 78MHz. Disease begins when the body’s frequency drops below 58MHz.  Research has shown that essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man.  Rose essential oil has one of the highest frequencies at 320MHz. When used topically and aromatically essential oils help raise our body’s frequency. This creates an environment in which pathogens cannot survive so that we stay healthy.  It also uplifts depressed and negative attitudes into a positive change of mood. Together we can change our energy, mindset, and health. This vibrational upgrade brings positive change to the planet.

The FDA only evaluates foods and drugs, not essential oils. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.